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Turbo Chargers—without any doubt—have become the eye-catchers in the automobile and engineering industries. Day-by-day, the requirement of each and every specification regarding turbo chargers is getting a new change; and thus, it pretty much demands earliest response from all the manufacturers. UDL always tries its level best not to let its customers and partners down by giving quality products, and supplies whenever needed locally or in the international market. Moreover, when it comes to the manufacturing and supplying of turbo chargers, UDL takes the pride in following the old trend to once again become the most reliable and successful supplier of turbo charger castings and a lot of components it needs for completion of the overall procedure.

Teams at UDL are specialized to provide with the necessary items, supplies, products and other important pieces like fully machined Nozzle Rings, Aluminium Inducers etc., and all other major OEM's. Teams here at UDL are also in the process of developing critical cast parts for Aerospace and Aero Engines. For any sort of Turbo Charger castings/mechanisms like Housing, Ring UDL is a trustworthy companion. The core focus is to provide premium services elated to re-manufactured turbos and turbo charger casting. If you are heavy engineering industrialist and want to keep in touch with one such brand that manufactures your re-manufactured turbos and turbo charger casting under one roof, then you must not have any other option than to select UDL as your premium supplier for re-manufactured turbos and turbo charger castings.

In one way or the other, the best thing about the work mechanism of UDL is the quality assurance of their products and castings. Whether you go for re-manufactured turbos, turbo chargers or any other supply or manufactured product, you would come to know that all the items, products and services comply with the latest ISO 9001 standards. This means that the items, supplies, products and all sorts of castings done here at UDL is trustworthy without any doubt. So, this is kind of a pure companionship in order to start a relationship that carries the blend of trust and care. Therefore, we had to say that we deal with pumps, turbo chargers, valves, general engineering parts, automobile parts, and nuclear parts as well. Our core competencies include casting more than 225 different alloys (also known as a mixture of metals) with numerous international specifications. The volumes we focus at are normally 50 to 500000 pieces per month, thus ensuring that we can meet the needs of any engineering industry on regular or monthly basis. We also provide design assistance as we have a team that assists with technical design at casting concept stage. In addition, we also provide assistance regarding concurrent engineering, CAD capability for tool design interface, compound radii, undercuts, weight reduction holes, thin wall casting, and deep cores. In order, if you have to give heavy orders, you have to call way before to get he quotation with the best suitable provide margin that we would offer you and for the betterment of your business.

Group Company

The Neterwala Group is a professionally run, family owned and managed business enterprise with over six decades of steadfast growth. The group is technologically robust with diverse manufacturing interests in Metallurgy, Software, Specialty Chemicals, Engineering, Geology, Oil & Gas and Environment.
Neterwala Group

Mission & Vision

To achieve customer satisfaction through a solutions-driven approach and create a significant international presence by offering cost effective and high-end technologies to diversified markets across the globe.

To be a global solutions provider for metallurgical components for diversified markets; to optimize relevant and innovative technologies and retain our position as leaders in the Indian investment casting field.


If you wish to be a part of our company and grow with us, send us your resume at jobs@neterwala.com
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