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Unideritend is One of the leading Manufacturer of Actuators Casting in India

Nowadays industry is one of the defining factors which make the business world turn around. Being a competitive player in the world of Actuators Casting Manufacturers is not an easy task. Earning your place in this business is a challenge, but maintaining the earned reputation and position on the market is a constant fight and struggle for greatness. These days UniDeritend is ranked as one of the largest manufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings. The company started producing a wide range of parts over 40 years ago and constantly developed the portfolio. Now, the clients have the possibility to choose from more than 15.000 precision castings created to meet the highest quality and integrity standards of the industry. Instead of just buying a simple, low unit cost that needs constant repair or replacement, most business owners would rather invest their money in quality products. And that’s because UniDeritend always offer irreproachable client services, great value for their castings, a fact which determines most of the first time customers to become loyal clients. The unmatched quality of these products is guaranteed by the team of highly trained and experienced professionals whose first and foremost goal is customer satisfaction.

As one of the leading Actuators Casting Manufacturers in India, UniDeritend is known for having the largest manufacturing capacity in the country and has more than 40% of its production reserved for exports to various countries all over the world. The company has built three manufacturing plants in India that can together produce more than 3000 tons of investment castings each year. UniDeritend has also installed at the facility in Nasik, India's first Robotic Shelling System and that is why this plant is considered to be state of the art in this domain. The products built here are required in numerous industries, such as: chemical, cement, architectural, mechanical, automobiles and many others. Design assistance services are offered to the clients of the company. This way an expert will be there to assist the client from casting concept stage all the way through the concurrent engineering of the needed pieces. The laboratories are fully equipped with the latest technology that can create any product requested by any industry type, at the same time offering the highest quality standards.

The company also provides CAD consulting for tool design, undercuts, establishing holes that reduce the weight, casting thin walls and so on. It does not matter specific details like the size, weight, technical details or any other special feature of the product that the client needs. The team of experts is ready to create a customized solution for any kind of business.

Now entering its fifth decade of activity, UniDeritend has enough force to cast approximately 225 different types of alloys to many international requirements with volumes that vary from small to large. The company easily can deliver to its clients any amount of parts ordered, like from 50 and up to 500000 pieces a month. Because if the established R&D it is recognized by the Government of India through the department of scientific & industrial research. The reputation as one of the most important Actuators Casting Manufacturers was earned after many years of offering only highly qualified serviced at a low cost. No requirement will be overlooked or considered less important. What you need is what you get from UniDeritend.

Group Company

The Neterwala Group is a professionally run, family owned and managed business enterprise with over six decades of steadfast growth. The group is technologically robust with diverse manufacturing interests in Metallurgy, Software, Specialty Chemicals, Engineering, Geology, Oil & Gas and Environment.
Neterwala Group

Mission & Vision

To achieve customer satisfaction through a solutions-driven approach and create a significant international presence by offering cost effective and high-end technologies to diversified markets across the globe.

To be a global solutions provider for metallurgical components for diversified markets; to optimize relevant and innovative technologies and retain our position as leaders in the Indian investment casting field.


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