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Unideritend is One of the leading Manufacturer of Actuators Casting in India

Nowadays industry is one of the defining factors which make the business world turn around. Being a competitive player in the world of Actuators Casting Manufacturers is not an easy task. Earning your place in this business is a challenge, but maintaining the earned reputation and position on the market is a constant fight and struggle for greatness....READ MORE

Unideritend - Most Successful Leader in Supplying Auto Parts

One of the companies ranked nowadays as one of the largest manufacturers of ferrous and non ferrous investment castings is UniDeritend. This company started production of different parts in 1974 and within 40 years of activity, it developed to a very high standard level....READ MORE

UniDeritend - Actuators Casting Manufacturers in India

In a world where the constantly growing and highly competitive industry is such an important aspect of our lives, earning your place in the business of Actuators Casting Manufacturers is not an easy thing to do. UniDeritend started the production more than three decades ago...READ MORE

Leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Industrial Pumps And Valves in India - Unideritend

Industrial pumps are devices which are used to move liquids or gases by a mechanical or physical function. Many types of industrial pumps exist, such as the hydromatic pump, the positive displacement pump and the dry pit submersible pump. When buying pumps, it is essential to choose a reliable supplier or manufacturer...READ MORE

Group Company

The Neterwala Group is a professionally run, family owned and managed business enterprise with over six decades of steadfast growth. The group is technologically robust with diverse manufacturing interests in Metallurgy, Software, Specialty Chemicals, Engineering, Geology, Oil & Gas and Environment.
Neterwala Group

Mission & Vision

To achieve customer satisfaction through a solutions-driven approach and create a significant international presence by offering cost effective and high-end technologies to diversified markets across the globe.

To be a global solutions provider for metallurgical components for diversified markets; to optimize relevant and innovative technologies and retain our position as leaders in the Indian investment casting field.


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