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Leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Industrial Pumps And Valves in India - Unideritend

Industrial pumps are devices which are used to move liquids or gases by a mechanical or physical function. Many types of industrial pumps exist, such as the hydromatic pump, the positive displacement pump and the dry pit submersible pump. When buying pumps, it is essential to choose a reliable supplier or manufacturer.

If you are looking for pumps and valves that are engineered to your specific processing operation, you can order them from UniDeritend Limited. Our company was established in 1974 and over the years, it has built a reputation for engineering excellence. We can assist you to find an industrial pump that meets your specific usage needs, whether you need one that can handle millions of gallons of water daily or one that can transfer hazardous fluids.

UniDeritend Limited is a leading manufacturer of industrial pumps and valves in India. We specialize in manufacturing various pump parts such as critical impellers, castings, glands and diffusers as well as bodies of many different kinds of pumps. We supply pumps for use in various industries both locally and abroad. Some of the industries where they are used include pharmaceutical, oil, food and power generation. We have designed many pumps for our customers and exported them all over the world.

At UniDeritend Limited, we also manufacture pump castings of the best quality. We have a quality assurance team which ensures that the products are manufactured within the deadline and meet the required standards. We also have great testing and quality control teams. They have advanced testing equipment and they use it to test all the pumps and other products that we manufacture. Therefore, we assure our clients that the equipment and accessories we manufacture comply with ISO 9001 quality assured standards.

Our company also offers design assistance because we have a team that helps with technical design at the casting concept stage. At UniDeritend Limited, we also offer assistance regarding concurrent engineering, compound radii, thin wall casting, undercuts and deep cores. We consider each and every customer special.

When it comes to valves, we manufacture numerous kinds of valves. Examples include gate valves, fixed cone valves, diaphragm valves, butterfly valves andswing check valves among many others. Therefore, if you are searching for a reliable supplier of industrial pumps and valves, you should contact UniDeritend Limited.

We have adequate knowledge about industrial pumps and their accessories. We provide our clients with high end products. We believe that manpower is the greatest asset of any company. Therefore, we hire qualified people and provide them with short term training in order to enhance their skills. We seek to streamline the work environment so that we can meet the demands of our clients. Our quality control team ensures that the manufacturing process is flawless. We ensure quality by using the best manufacturing processes and using up to date technology and machinery. Our staff can also provide you with useful services like pump repair and maintenance. This means that we can assist you to avoid expensive downtime when your pumps malfunction or get damaged.

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The Neterwala Group is a professionally run, family owned and managed business enterprise with over six decades of steadfast growth. The group is technologically robust with diverse manufacturing interests in Metallurgy, Software, Specialty Chemicals, Engineering, Geology, Oil & Gas and Environment.
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To achieve customer satisfaction through a solutions-driven approach and create a significant international presence by offering cost effective and high-end technologies to diversified markets across the globe.

To be a global solutions provider for metallurgical components for diversified markets; to optimize relevant and innovative technologies and retain our position as leaders in the Indian investment casting field.


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